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What’s in a name?

Monday, June 9th, 2008

The Composting Association announced last week that it is to change its name to the Association for Organics Recycling from 1st August 2008.

Their acting Chief Executive said that the name change reflected their response to the ‘rapid evolution and changing nature’ of the waste management sector. As the UK’s leading organisation in raising awareness of the benefits of recycling biodegradable resources, the Association felt it needed to have a new approach to handling all aspects of the biowaste industry.

50% Recycling target announced for Europe

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Following months of discussions, the new 50% target for household waste recycling looks set to become law  later this month, with significant implications for Great Britain. The accepted amendments to the Waste Framework Directive also include a recycling target of 70% for construction and demolition waste.

With the help of these new policies, the European Parliament is also hoping to encourage waste prevention and separate bio-waste collections which in turn will increase emphasis on food waste treatment and composting.


Wednesday, June 4th, 2008


Countrystyle drivers were out in force this weekend (31st - 1st June) at the South East’s Truckfest show at the Kent Showground. This was the South East round of a collective of countrywide shows in the South East. Truckfest was started 25 years ago with the original and biggest show taking place in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. Over the years the show has expanded to include Truckfest South West, Truckfest Scotland, Truckfest North West and Truckfest Yorkshire and in the last two years Truckfest South East.

Truckfest sees the Kent Showground taken over by trucks of all shapes and sizes for the two day event. In addition to custom trucks and show trucks, lorry drivers from a whole host of companies parade their vehicles for the weekend. The drivers congregate en mass with their trucks and park in the showground in groups of fleets and individuals for the weekend and the visiting public are able to walk around and look at them. As well as the trucks on display there are a whole host of stalls and trade stands selling every conceivable item imaginable for the average truck driver and enthusiast. There are also arena displays, static recovery truck displays, live music, bars and food stands and all things truck!

Proud Countrystyle drivers were keen to take part in the event and Paul Creasey, Pluckley Driver Foreman, was able to recommend a list of drivers who wanted to enter. Nine lorries were then entered by Richard Lloyd, Operations Manager, into the best fleet competition. The drivers who attended washed and polished their trucks in the week leading up to Truckfest and proudly took them to the showground early on the Saturday morning. Upon arrival the vehicles were placed together in a line up and looked fantastic. The judges later looked over the vehicles and were particularly impressed with one of the vehicles, C 18 CSG, an eight wheeled tipper driven by Barrie Helstrip. This is a testimony to Barrie’s dedication to his work and his pride in the condition of his lorry. The vehicle is 5 years old and is engaged in arduous tipper operations 6 days a week yet it remains immaculate. The judges were extremely taken by Barrie’s lorry and how well turned out it was and he was awarded ‘highly commended’ for his efforts.

The trucks were all clean and tidy and the judges were impressed by the number that Countrystyle entered and the differing types of lorry represented. We had hook lifts, tractor units, and a skip lorry which the judges felt was an excellent mixture of vehicles. The event was a great success for Countrystyle and the company will be in attendance again for Truckfest South East 2009.

The drivers who attended were:

Barrie Helstrip

Gary Benn

Anthony Benn

Tony Glazier

Graeme Shilling

Paul Holt

Keith Butcher

Rob Henderson

Dave Woodgate

Mark Davis


Government drive forward public recycling

Monday, June 2nd, 2008


The government is hoping that a new scheme aimed at facilitating recycling when out and about will see a dramatic increase in recycling rates across the UK.

‘Recycle on the Go’  is a new push to put accessible recycling bins in public places and wherever possible bins will feature the familiar Recycle Now branding so that people can easily identify where and how to recycle their cans, bottles and paper.

The initiative has been devised to encourage greener waste management and to take recycling beyond the home and offices and into public spaces. Speaking at the launch, Environment Minister Joan Ruddock said:

‘We know that most canned and bottled drinks are consumed outside the home and even the most dedicated recycler is unlikely to take these home with them and add them to their household recycling. Often the only responsible option is to put them in to litter bins and this means that large quantities of aluminium, plastic and glass are slipping through the net and effectively become rubbish, end up in landfill and are lost as a resource.’

Keep an eye out for the new bins in your area and for further information please view the Voluntary Code of Practice or the Good Practice Guide, both available from DEFRA.

Press Release - New biofuel delivery vehicle benefits the South East

Monday, May 19th, 2008

With a firm focus on investing in the most reliable and versatile fleet, as well as the application and use of green technology, Countrystyle has purchased a new biofuel delivery vehicle – the first of its kind in the South East. The new addition will be used to deliver biofuels, including wood chip and wood pellets, to municipal facilities in and around the region.

A renewable alternative to fossil fuels, biofuels are a way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Made from living things or the waste they produce, biofuels absorb carbon dioxide during their growth. So when burnt they are simply releasing what they have already absorbed. In effect, they are carbon neutral and it is this that is set to see a huge increase in biofuel consumption.

Unlike other delivery methods that can leave biofuel effectively dumped on site with its customers, Countrystyle’s new vehicle has the ability to blow the material into a store from the bin on its back; significantly increasing the speed and ease of delivery and allowing for access to hard to reach areas.

The bin, one of only two in the country, was made by Priden Engineering in Peterborough and then fitted to the DAF CF 85, a class-leading 8-wheel hook lorry. It is capable of holding 40 cubic yards of material.

Countrystyle operates as one of the largest, most up to date fleet of specialised vehicles in the region. Part of the group’s commitment to environmentally sustainable solutions, the biofuel delivery vehicle is one of many recent fleet investments.

“We are committed to sustainability and see huge potential in the growth of biofuel consumption in the foreseeable future,” commented Trevor Heathcote, Countrystyle Managing Director. “We are proud to have purchased the first biofuel vehicle in the region.”

Press Release

Monday, May 19th, 2008

50th vehicle for Countrystyle

“The Countrystyle fleet is expanding into a hugely diverse and efficient operation.” That is the comment from Operations Manager, Richard Lloyd on its latest addition, a new Volvo FLH 240 skip loader – the 50th vehicle in its impressive portfolio.

This is the first new Volvo to join the fleet. Equipped with Hyva brand skip lifting gear and a Euro 4 engine, ensuring compliance with emissions regulations, it’s just the ticket for transporting Countrystyle’s exclusive range of skips.

Operating from its Strood depot, the Volvo will be used on the roads in and around Maidstone and the Medway towns in Kent, covering an annual mileage of approximately 80,000kms. For maximum driver comfort, the vehicle has been ordered with extras such as air conditioning, CD player and sun visor.

Richard Lloyd continued: “With a wide range of vehicle types, Countrystyle can offer its customers a huge variety of services and can answer the call for a whole host of waste disposal and recycling haulage needs.”

“The acquisition of the new Volvo skip loader demonstrates Countrystyle’s continued commitment to its fleet expansion and replacement programme. Following the offer of an attractive deal and perseverance by Paul Cogger of M C Truck and Bus, the decision was reached to go down the Volvo route. Both the vehicle and dealership’s performance will be monitored stringently, with a view to further Volvo product purchases.”

Countrystyle’s extensive fleet of leading brand vehicles ranges from dust carts, Ro Ro, skip, tipper and grab lorries to a variety of articulated transport. Used for a combination of waste management and recycling services throughout the region, with clients including both the commercial and public sectors, Countrystyle guarantees a friendly and professional service.

‘Green Up Your Garden’

Friday, May 2nd, 2008


That’s the message going out to the UK population this Compost Awareness Week (Sunday 4th May to Saturday 10th May) with the aim to increase awareness of compost in the wider community and highlight its many benefits and applications, particularly for use in the garden.

Acting CA Chief Executive of the CAW  said that ‘the theme will be focusing on promoting compost’s tremendous potential to improve soil fertility and soil structure, within local communities. We’re also aiming to promote the benefits of this versatile renewable material when used as an alternative to peat.’

View this guide for further information on greener gardening.

Big retailers such as B&Q, Tesco and Wyevale are also working in partnership with WRAP to support the campaign and actively promote the advantages of home composting by holding in-store ‘Compost Kiosks.’ These will serve as information points, with the provision to distribute leaflets, guidance and free samples.

To find your nearest participating event please visit

The Royal Show 2008

Thursday, May 1st, 2008



The 2008 Royal Show, proudly organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England, is to take place from Thursday 3rd July to Sunday 6th July inclusive. The Show remains committed to promoting the Best of British Farming and also to providing an excellent family day out with action-packed entertainment for the whole family to enjoy!

NEW for 2008 - the Energy & Sustainability Park is an exciting new feature regarding aspects of Energy, Non food crops and bio-energy.

Please visit The Royal Show 2008  for further information.

Nappy nightmare over

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008


Knowaste, a Canadian company which recycles disposable nappies and other waste products in the US is set to invest £20 million in a UK version of the recycling plant within the next 5 years.

About 750,000 tonnes of nappy waste is thought to be created in the UK each year and it is thought that the new facility, destined for Birmingham, will be capable of converting 4% of this nappy waste into plastic, cladding and roof tiles, with an aim to eventually recycle up to 13%.

The site will predominantly process nappies, bed liners and incontinence products from commercial sectors but plans to eventually target the domestic market.

Biofuels Day

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008



From today, all fuel companies in the UK will have to replace a certain percentage of their annual fossil fuel sales with biofuels, by law.

Known as Biofuels Day, it means that 2.5% of fuel produced in the UK will have to derive from renewable sources such as crops and waste as opposed to oil. The introduction of the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RFTO) will mean that all drivers are making a contribution to reducing climate change, without the need for any modification to their vehicles.

Biofuels are made from crops. As the crops grow, they absorb carbon
dioxide from the atmosphere. So the carbon dioxide that escapes when biofuels
are burnt is subsequently absorbed by new plants growing to produce more
biofuels - it’s a ‘virtuous’ circle.

To fulfil the 5% inclusion rate, the NFU estimates that ‘375,000 hectares will be needed for the wheat for ethanol and 840,000 hectares of oilseed rape will be needed for the biodiesel’.

For further information please visit Biofuels Day